The 24/7 monitoring of the drive makes it possible to control the process operation, increasing the quality of the production and improving on delivery times.


The system captures, analyses and sends all data to the cloud, where users can consult them and perform their own diagnostics from any device.


The control and detection of potential faults allows the problem to be caught early and action can be taken, thereby reducing stoppages in production and the high costs this implies.


What does KfeW mean?

Mechatronic Predictive Maintenance

KfeW: Kinematic Failure Early Warning is an IoT solution for the monitoring, measurement, diagnosis and supervision of industrial machinery. The solutions are based on a modular and expandable control system which provides the means to protect and monitor important assets involved in the production in a practical way, online.

Nuestra flota


A solution designed to carry out outline vibration monitoring.

Nuestra flota


A solution diesgned to carry out comprehensive monitoring of your machinery and application.

Nuestra flota


Allows different installation and use options, adapted to the IT department needs.


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