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KfeW Systems provides solutions with which you can perform scheduled interruptions in production, monitor drives in environments which are hazardous for people and have constant information on the status of your drives at any given time.

The beneficiaries of these solutions are people and facilities which will be able to perform preventive maintenance, avoiding unscheduled interruptions in production, thanks to the information provided; and at the same time, they can have the peace of mind and trust of being covered by the high professionalism of the team and technology of KfeW Systems.

KfeW Systems is the result of the combination of three companies, Asoindel, Motronic y Sistel, all of whom have extensive experience in the industrial sector and who bring passion, energy, enthusiasm and above all a depth of knowledge about the problems that arise in critical drives, and how to solve them.

The lack of advance information on the drives which cause unscheduled stops in factories results in higher repair and maintenance costs, a reduction in production and delays in delivery times.


To be a trusted partner who gives reassurance to our customers, taking responsibility for measuring and diagnosing drives in your critical production processes and be able to anticipate possible stops in advance, offering greater availability of machines, helping to optimise production and reduce costs.


To make KFEW a leader in the industrial sector in terms of offering reliability, peace of mind and innovation, with respect to the prevention of undesired occurrences in drives, always demonstrating respect and collaboration among customers, suppliers and KFEW Systems. Making KFEW Systems into a company with sustainable and profitable growth, which should never forget how it started out, combining passion, experience and dynamism.


• Respect for people
• Reliability and generating a calm environment
• Technological innovation
• Collaboration between companies applying win-win strategy
• Dynamism / Adaptation to and for the customer
• Professionalism of our staff
• Listening to the customer

CeecKfeW Systems belongs to the Clúster d’Energia Eficient de Catalunya. The Energy Efficiency Cluster for Catalonia (CEEC in its Catalan initials) is body which, through collaboration between companies and partners from fields such as technology, research, institutions, regulatory, industrial, information and business, aims to promote the field of energy efficiency.

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